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Serving a diversely populated multi-family housing neighborhood in St. Louis Park, the Meadowbrook Collaborative provides culturally relevant services and promotes human rights by eliminating barriers that prevent youth and their families from equal access to community resources. Programming provides academic support, enrichment, service learning, crime prevention and diversion activities, mentoring, leadership skills, positive role models, and life skills.

Over the last 20 years, crime has decreased by over 50%, school attendance and parental involvement are notably improved, families and youth have greater access to resources and opportunities for success.

“The Meadowbrook Collaborative is where I learned to spell big words like Collaborative. It is a place that I knew would be safe and Linda cared about me. She was concerned about the achievement gap before it was called the achievement gap. Her work through the Meadowbrook Collaborative ensured that youth in the neighborhood had quality experiences. I think fondly on that time living there, when home life was inconsistent and atypical Linda was there and I am sure the collaborative, staff and community partners will continue to see positive outcomes by their continued investment in Meadowbrook.” —Johan Gjenvick, Area Vice President at Arthur J.Gallagher & Co.

Please help us continue to improve the lives within this community. Be part of a cause and contribute today. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Trummer at (952) 935-9239.