What happens at the
Meadowbrook Community Center

New to America, Loc attends Kids at Work and is quickly learning English as well as school readiness skills that will help him be successful in kindergarten. His family is Vietnamese and his parents very committed to their son’s well-being and academic progress.

aaronBorn in Minnesota, Aaron comes from a family immersed in Mexican culture.He is the third child in his family – his older brother Guillermo is now in high school – to participate in Meadowbrook Collaborative youth programming, and his mother has also been engaged in resources made available to her and her family in the areas of health, education and safety.

Now in 7th grade, Lioul came to America from Ethiopia. As a kindergartner, Lioul spoke no English, but he now volunteers at Meadowbrook Collaborative to help other children succeed. Lioul is also a soccer player, and will receive the 2014 Caring Youth Award for his volunteer work at Meadowbrook.

jubariA lifelong Meadowbrook resident, Jubari is now in 2nd and has 100% attendance in Targeted Services. He has two older siblings who have been involved in programming for the past 12 years, Makayla and Jasmine. Housing stability is a great asset to youth, and more & more of Meadowbrook’s children are growing up with us.

jasmineSophomore Jasmine has been involved in the program eleven years. Too old for Targeted Services, she now volunteers helping pre-kindergarten students as a teacher’s helper. Jasmine is a role model to other Meadowbrook youth. She just applied to be in College Possible, a program designed to help her through the college application process, and will be going to YMCA leadership camp this summer on a scholarship.

Targeted Services supports and strengthens academic and social skills. Older youth work with those younger who need extra help with reading and math worksheets. Angel has been engaged in enrichment activities at Meadowbrook for the past 5 years. He has immersed well into the English language, and does very well in following direction and helping his classmates when they fall behind. Angel and his older brother Abraham are very fortunate to have strong family support. Their father stops by routinely to ask how his sons are performing and is engaged in their learning experiences.

jasonJason and Justin are brothers who have been involved in programming for two years. Each day at the end of programming, parents arrive to gather the youngest of our students to walk them home. When a parent isn’t available, another parent or volunteer walks them safely home. The mother of Jason and Justin is a caring adult who is always willing to help make sure her neighbors get home safely. Many Meadowbrook parents are willing to offer a helpful hand when needed. We are very fortunate to have engaged parents who care about their children.

A variety of learning tools keep the older students engaged in learning, including teamwork, shared learning, and community service. Literacy is an important component of Targeted Services. Each student has a learning plan developed by classroom and TS teachers, parents and students. A curriculum supports those respective learning plans.
Volunteers are a huge part of our program, and many have been engaged at Meadowbrook for years. Most develop very special lifelong relationships with young people. Such relationships are often the only lifeline some kids have during difficult times.