Our Stories

For the last 20 years, the Meadowbrook Collaborative has been improving the lives of thousands of youth and families.


I lived in Meadowbrook for about five years, during the time I was in elementary school. Looking back, my memories of the community are most rooted in my time spent in the summer programs. After school let out for the year, I spent each day involved in the playground program where the leaders provided lunch, activities and games, arts and crafts, and lots of other fun things to do. It was a safe place to spend my time, surrounded by positive and caring individuals. Another memory I have was that of volunteering once per week in 5th grade to help clean the community building. Although I was younger and didn’t fully grasp what it meant to have the caring people of the Meadowbrook Collaborative in my life at the time, I now see the effects played out today. After having been evicted from our apartment at Meadowbrook when I was in sixth grade, Linda (along with other volunteers) were able to find housing for my sister and I, and even helped pave the way for her to attend college. Now, twelve years later, my sister is well into her career as a Pharmacist, and I’m working full-time while pursuing my degree in Psychology. I went to a fundraiser for Meadowbrook last summer, and it was AMAZING to see how Meadowbrook Collaborative has grown and continues to thrive in assisting the community. Linda is truly a gifted woman who has a large heart for helping others.
Kimberly Anderson (pictured on left)


“Meadowbrook Collaborative was a wonderful support to our family during and after our stay at Meadowbrook Manor. The programs provided activities and added structure to our kids’ day. The after-school homework help was a great relief to a busy parent who was working and attending school myself. The kids loved the summer programs and I appreciated the provided lunch. Our children were enriched with drumming circle, field trips to the YMCA, and constant support from Linda Trummer even years after leaving Meadowbrook. Our children today continue to reminisce on the good times they had at Meadowbrook. As a parent, I appreciated the support and resources available through the Collaborative and I always felt my children were safe and loved. Thank you and we miss you very much!”
Nicole Green


“My time at Meadowbrook as a playground leader did so many wonderful things for me and my life. It gave me confidence. Managing 20+ rowdy kids is not easy and I felt I could accomplish anything after a summer on the playground. It gave me passion for serving people who have less than I do. It gave me an education. I learned so much about my own community and people in it from completely different backgrounds than my own. And it gave me a place to always come back to. It’s been five years since I worked at Meadowbrook, but whenever I’m in town and drive by I think about those kids. I’ve valued Linda’s friendship immensely and am so thankful for the memories I made at Meadowbrook.”
Gina Montilino, former playground leader, now Leadership and Involvement Center Graduate Assistant at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


“Meadowbrook programming helped me stay on the right track in school, helped me when I had difficulties, and motivated me to be who I’ll be tomorrow as I look forward to giving back and helping future generations.”
Ifeoma Iwe, age 19


“I lived in Meadowbrook for almost 10 years. From the time I was 4 to until I was 14. Being involved in the Meadowbrook Collaborative has made a huge impact on me. I was involved in many summer programs, as well as homework helpers and a small weekly girls group, not to mention the many other events. I still have many friends who I met while living in Meadowbrook. Linda Trummer has always been the most kind, helping, and generous lady and her wisdom is always appreciated! I am happy to still have a friend in Linda! Thanks for all you have done for me and still do for the community!!”
Brianna Wallace, age 22


“One of the most memorable parts about Meadowbrook is that all Meadowbrook youth got along with each other. No matter your grade, everyone in the community was friends. I think it was like that because we were all related in some way. Even when people bumped heads from time to time, we were always was able to patch things up, we all treated each other like family! (Shawn was selected when he was in the 8th grade to travel with us to Washington, D.C. where he met Colin Powell, and he was a host when former First Lady Laura Bush visited Meadowbrook in 2006. He adds…) The DC trip was a great event that happened in my life. Having the opportunity that most didn’t have, getting to meet all those people from different cities around the nation was a great experience.”
Shawn Adair Willis, Jr., age 21


“The importance of having a program in your neighborhood is huge. When I was a child I lived in Meadowbrook Manor and was always involved with Ms. Linda Trummer and her outreach program. I feel as if this was a big part of my childhood. I always had a place to go instead of being on the streets. I had a positive role model that took the time to make sure that we had a different road to travel. In closing, I would like to say thank you to Linda Trummer for all the hard work and effort she has put in to the Meadowbrook community.”
Dondra Jiles, age 32