Our Partners



Park Nicollet Health Services as a founding partner is committed to helping the Meadowbrook community to live healthful lives. Park Nicollet funds programs that connect residents to Creekside and Central Clinics, eyeglasses, St. Mary’s and other healthcare programs. Park Nicollet Foundation is fiscal agent for the Meadowbrook Collaborative. Park Nicollet Health Services has made it possible for families and children to more easily access preventative health care. Several programs piloted in the Meadowbrook neighborhood laid the groundwork for initiatives throughout Park Nicollet’s service area.



St. Louis Park Public Schools is a founding partner of the collaborative and propels the mission of providing educational services for the children of Meadowbrook. Licensed teachers job-share the Targeted Services program, providing encouragement in an engaging atmosphere. The school district also provides technology support. The Meadowbrook Collaborative offers a variety of educational and enrichment opportunities, particularly for its youth, thanks to its stakeholders, committed donors and volunteers. Strong partnerships with many community organizations have greatly enriched our ability to offer structured, asset building activities for youth.



The City of St. Louis Park is a founding partner of the collaborative and funds programs through Parks & Recreation and community oriented policing. Working cooperatively with the St. Louis Park Fire Department, Police, City Inspections, and Public Works, a neighborhood once in crisis has been transformed into a safer place for families and children. Several citywide initiatives were piloted at Meadowbrook, such as Crime Free Multi-Housing – a model brought to Meadowbrook from Mesa, Arizona in the mid-1990’s, and the creation of a city ordinance enforceable at all rental properties throughout St. Louis Park. Community oriented policing is now rooted in the police department’s mission. Meadowbrook is the first site of several St. Louis Park police substations. Police and Fire work with community partners to address and improve upon quality of life for families and children.