Mission Statement

The mission of the Meadowbrook Collaborative is to enhance the self-direction of Meadowbrook residents towards the betterment of their lives in the areas of health, education and safety.

A Quick Look at Meadowbrook

Meadowbrook Collaborative was established in 1993 to address the quality of life issues such as crime, truancy, serious housing code violations and leverage resources to meet families’ needs in the Meadowbrook neighborhood of St. Louis Park. Programs have been developed with a focus on health, education and safety and a mission of enhancing the self-direction of the Meadowbrook residents toward the betterment of their lives.

Meadowbrook is part of a success story that is not over. This diversely populated neighborhood of approximately 1,200 people is in transition and continues to need the support of our community partners, our programs, volunteers and funding.

Caring Adults

Children develop relationships with teachers, volunteers and neighbors.

Safe Places

In addition to feeling physically and emotionally safe, there is a healthy balance between structured, supervised activities and unstructured time.

A Healthy Start

Children develop healthy bodies, minds and habits. These result from preventative health care, good nutrition and exercise, healthy skills and knowledge, and good role models of physical and psychological health.

An Effective Education

Children are living in a quality learning environment, with challenging expectations and consistent guidance and mentoring.

Opportunities to Help

Families have opportunities to give back to their community, and a sense of personal responsibility to contribute to the larger society, and opportunities for volunteering, leadership.