Organizational Structure

Meadowbrook Collaborative provides services to a diversely populated multi-family housing neighborhood of 1200 people. It was established in 1993 to address various quality of life issues, such as crime, truancy, and serious housing code violations, and to leverage resources to meet families’ needs.

Meadowbrook’s primary focus is on families and children, providing culturally relevant services and promoting human rights by eliminating barriers that prevent youth and their families from equal access to community resources. Programming provides academic support, enrichment, service learning, crime prevention and diversion activities, mentoring, leadership skills, positive role models, and life skills. Activities promote family stability and prepare youth to take a leadership role; the goal is that their involvement will ultimately lead to systemic change.

All Meadowbrook programs have clear and measurable goals, based on a logic model that measures the presence of developmental assets in youth, school performance, and neighborhood improvement.